We Believe

For what we believe in detail look here.

People: We believe all people have been created for the purpose of relationship with God. That all people are called to a relationship with Jesus.

Salvation: We believe God reaches out to mankind through many different ministries, people and means, including his own power, but that salvation is found only in relationship with Jesus. That there is no other name given under heaven or earth that man may be saved but by Christ alone.

Jesus: We believe Jesus was fully God, and fully man. That the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one and the same God, in three manifestations. We believe that only God is good, that only the sacrifice of Jesus is able to pay for sins, that man does not earn salvation by works but by trusting in the sacrifice of Jesus alone. However we also believe that the closer a person person get's to God the less they will desire sin, a person who is saved will be moved by the Spirit of God to a live a life of purity. Although there never could be the claim to perfection, righteousness should characterise our lives.

#1 tip for life

The bible says "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". God is the wisest most patient, and kind person you can know. If you want to be blessed in life fear and OBEY God, don't blur the lines, don't be a closet sinner when God is calling you to live "above only and not benieth".

What is obedience it is living by the Word of God, not some mystical voice, but by the written words found in the bible. I recommend you read the New King James Version of the bible, but any good one will do.

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Everybody Matters Ministry (International) A facebook page purely for the purpose of spreading the message of love found in the bible.

Everybody Matters Ministry - Brisbane A facebook page for the purpose of building the kingdom of God in Brisbane Australia. Everyone needs Jesus even Aussies.

Everyday Christians 4 a cure A facebook page for the purpose of rising up Christians to seek God for cures for illness.

Pray for the Nations A facebook page for the purpose of praying for our world's leaders.

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Email: We are available on email at futureandahope7@gmail.com

Fav Links
  • Worldwide Christian Doctors Network: A website that list scientifically verifiable cases of divine healing that have occured world wide through various ministers of the gospel (p.s. not me). Awesome read.
  • Compassion Australia Cool charity that gives to disadvantaged overseas.
  • Destiny Rescue Awesome charity that give to help stop child prostitution.
Our Goals

Everybody Matters Ministry is not a typical church. We don't seek to build a building, or build one church group. We seek to grow all churches. We are an online ministry, and seek to empower growth with in all churches of all denominations. We believe growth comes with encounters with Jesus. You encounter Jesus as you seek for him with your whole heart.

We also seek to see everybody loved and accepted. Everybody involved in church life. Everybody truely experiencing the love which comes from God.

We also want to see people living righteous lives, people who will not tollerate sin, in any of its forms, in their lives but rather live obediently to Jesus.

Scientific Studies on Christianity

The content below shows that scientific studies support that Christianity is useful for society, reforming may of its ills.

Prision Ministry Suggests that Christianity Reforms Prisioners

The following is a quote from Baker Eddie Morton who performed prision ministry and reported results at Lorton prison located in Virginia; the DC Prison System has since been absorbed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Baker Eddie Morton a prision minister with Unfoldment Inc.
"Welcome to God's deputy home of three great healing ideas, Sermon on the mount the movie, Conquering Fear, and what can I do to be saved. These ideas have been tested and proven to be effective, they were tested for three years with more than two hundred inmates at lanton prision in Viginia as a part of the Unfoldment Incorporated substance abuse program at the prision when the program ended the DC department of corrections reported a 76% reduction in the recidivism rate for inmates who were exposed to these ideas, if these ideas can heal those regarded as the worst among us they can help anybody".

Other studies also show that people exposed to the teaching of Jesus were far more successful in rehabilitation, and and less likely to reoffend once released from prision as an example 15% reoffence rates to people who completed the bible study to 42.2% for those that did not.

In April of 1997, with the full support of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), Prison Fellowship Ministries (PFM) launched an unusual correctional experiment—a Faith-Based Pre-Release Program. The program was distinctive in that it was expressly Christian in orientation. The InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI), as it would later be named, was officially launched under the recommendation of then-governor George W. Bush. This unique public-private partnership between TDCJ and PF represented a first for Texas.

Results of IFI Texas Two-Year Recidivism Analysis*
  Full Sample (n=1931) IFI Sample (n=177) IFI Graduates (n=75) IFI Non-completers (n=102)

RECIDIVISM (re-offence) TYPE

(1a) IFI vs. (2a) Match Group

(1b) IFI Graduates vs. (3b) Non-Completers

(1c) < 16 months vs
(3c) > 16 months

(1d) <16 months vs
(3d) > 16 months










% Arrested

















# Arrested









Sample Size









Chi-Square 0.09, p = .76 19.98, p < .0001 0.33, p < .5652 2.67, p < .1023

% Incarcerated

















# Incarcerated









Sample Size









Chi-Square 1.57, p = .21 18.79, p < .0001 1.05, p < .3059 0.46, p < .4982
* Note: All tests used the Pearson X2 statistic with one degree of freedom for a 2 X 2 table.

Additional Results
  18 Month Recidivism Rates for IFI Participants 24 Month Recidivism Rates for IFI Program Graduates (Excluding first 6 months following release) 24 Month Recidivism Rates for IFI Program Graduates and Non-Completers Paroled Early
RECIDIVISM TYPE (1a) IFI Graduates vs.
(2a) IFI Non-Completers
(1b) IFI Graduates vs. (2b) IFI Non-Completers–Paroled Early
  (1a) (2a) (1b) (2b)
% Arrested 16% 42.2% 17.3% 62.7%
# Arrested 12 43 13 32
Sample Size 75 102 75 51
% Incarcerated 8% 34.3% 8% 47.1%
# Incarcerated 6 35 6 25
Sample Size 75 102 75 51

Download full study tabulated by Prison Fellowship Ministries.

Post-Release Recidivism Study
This is a seperate study to the one above. Performed in the 1970's.

Post-release Bible Study and Criminal Recidivism 1975 -1979
The group’s study involved 190 prisoners who between 1975 and 1979 had taken part in Christian discipleship training, and a similar number who had not, matched by age, race, gender and other factors. Both groups had been released from prison eight to 14 years prior to the study.
  Taken part in Christian discipleship training years after being release from prision Control Group
% of Men Incarcerated 40% 51%
% of Women Incarcerated 19% 47%

Study Source
The following is a direct quotation from George Cornell, AP Religion Writer ( The Wilson Daily Times, December 1, 1990)

The group’s study involved 190 prisoners who between 1975 and 1979 had taken part in Christian discipleship training, and a similar number who had not, matched by age, race, gender and other factors. Both groups had been released from prison eight to 14 years prior to the study.

It found that the religion-trained ones had an 11 percentage point lower recidivism rate than the control group. Forty percent of the religion-schooled group committed new offenses, while 51 percent of the others did so.

The religiously trained group also had a longer crime-free period following release, and when they did commit new crimes, the crimes were less severe compared to past offenses. The control group had increased crime-severity.

The recidivism rate for women who took religious training was even lower, only 19 percent, compared to 47 percent among the control group of women. Among men only, the differential was only seven points...

Teen Challenge's Success
Bible based drug and alchahol programs are more effective in reducing cravings, and reuse. Summary of report Teen Challenge's Christ Centered Drug Rehabilitation compared to Secular Drug Rehabilitation

Post-treatment Cravings of Alcohol or Drugs
  Percent Answering Yes to the Question: "During the last six months have you had problems with craving alcohol or drugs?"
  Teen Challenge (bible based) Comparison Group
Alcohol 14% 29%
Drugs 19% 35%